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Summer maintenance classes are designed to continue our dancers' training during the easy days of summer. During this period, dancers will keep up with the skills learned during the regular school year and maintain their physical condition in preparation for the next performance season and the new school year. 


Summer maintenance classes are Mondays through Thursdays, from July 8 - August 1, 2024.  

We will be offering classes in the Children's Classical Ballet Program, the Classical Ballet Program and Physical Conditioning.

​Registration for the new school year is required to attend Summer Maintenance classes.  Make-up classes roll over only during the summer session. All make-up classes must be completed by August 1, 2024.


Dress Code - Summer Maintenance:



  • Any color leotard

  • Pink ballet tights

  • Ballet slippers - pink with pink elastics

  • Pointe shoes - pink with ribbons and elastics

  • Ballet bun 

  • No jewelry (Small stud earrings are allowed)


All Boys

  • White or black men's cap sleeve fitted t-shirt

  • Black or grey tights

  • OR Black or grey unitard

  • White mid-calf socks

  • White ballet slipper with elastic

  • Thong-style dance belt

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