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Summer Intensive Video Audition Guidelines

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We are excited to meet you and welcome you to our studio.  Due to COVID-19, Feijóo Ballet School will only be accepting online audition applications and videos at this time. Once we receive your audition form, we will be able to place you at a level that will challenge you during our Summer Intensive.

Fill out the online audition form. Submit a Video Audition and Headshot.  Video and headshot may be emailed to


Applicants should wear appropriate audition attire:

Ladies: pink tights and black leotard

Gentleman: black tights and white dance shirt

Dancers 9 years old and up

  • Video should be no longer than 5-minutes in duration

  • Video should include:

    • Abbreviated Barre (plié, tendu, adagio, grand battement) to one side each

    • Abbreviated Center (1-2 combinations that feature your best qualities and strengths)

    • Pointe work may also be demonstrated, in the center, if applicant has experience

  • Footage should be current and recorded no earlier than six months of submission

  • Video Audition should be in a readable format (ex: mp4 or .wmv)

Due to COVID-19, we completely understand that video footage will likely be taken within the confinements of your homes. Do NOT worry about that! We just want to see how you dance, hold yourself, and project as a performer. Videos can even be done on your phones. Given the circumstances we find ourselves in, we understand that everyone is doing the best they can. 


All applicants who complete the online application and/or submit a video audition, will receive correspondence via the email address(es) on your application form.

Dancers will receive all pertinent information regarding registration. 


We look forward to a wonderful 2022 Summer Intensive. Any questing regarding  Video Auditions may be directed to

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