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Our Mission


To train, educate and produce excellent dancers capable of dancing classical ballet at the highest caliber. Classical ballet is the core foundation of dance. It gives dancers the ability to incorporate neoclassical and contemporary dance in their repertoire and allows them to interpret and execute up-to-date choreographies.





Our curriculum closely follows that of National Cuban Ballet, founded by the legendary Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso and her husband Fernando Alonso. Cuban Ballet is considered one of the greatest teaching methods in the world, which has produced several internationally acclaimed dancers of the 20th century including: Carlos Acosta, Jose Carreño, Rolando Sarabia, Nelson Madrigal, Joan Boada, Taras Domitro, Carlos Quenedit, Xiomara Reyes, Lorena Feijóo and Lorna Feijóo, just to name a few.


Cuban Ballet combines the best elements of classical French, English, Russian and Danish ballet, allowing the dancers to easily adapt to various styles and techniques of dance.


Whether your child is pursuing a professional career in dance or simply training to master the technique, we undoubtedly prepare them with the absolute best training that our recognized experience has given us. Our dancers develop extraordinary abilities and skills such as coordination, musicality, physical and mental strength and posture. Our personalized attention encourages students to achieve their highest potential in a nurturing and caring environment. Our world renowned teachers focus on the exploration of his/her creativity, unique talents, interests and social skills. We look at our students holistically during the crucial years of their development as dancers, but above all, as human beings.

~ 2018 Youth America Grand Prix Outstanding School Award ~

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