Our Jazz / Contemporary classes give our dancers the opportunity to explore and work with these two genres which often times overlap and fuse. Our dancers challenge gravity by incorporating body movements that include flow and isolation techniques, personal expressions, musicality, various traditional and modern rhythms related to the characteristics and origins of both styles. Our Jazz / Contemporary classes take our dancers to today's culture of body expressions, enriching them with endless movements and abilities with or without music.


Dancers may enroll in Jazz / Contemporary beginning at the age of 8.

Boys Class - 45 minutes of Jazz once a week.

Mint, Turquoise, Coral, Cherry and Emerald - 1 hour, once a week

Maroon, Royal Blue, Black and Pre Professional - 1.5 hours, once a week


The Children's Classical Ballet Program includes a Tap segment in the curriculum.

Pre-Ballet - 1 hour, once a week (30 minutes of Ballet & 30 minutes of Tap)

​Ballet - 2 times a week (1 hour of ballet on day one and 30 minutes of Ballet and 30 minutes of Tap on day two)

Boys Class - 45 minutes of Tap once a week.

The Classical Ballet Program offers the following:

Iris, Mint  & Turquoise - 45 minutes, once a week as part of their Ballet Curriculum.

Coral, Emerald, Maroon and Royal Blue - 1 hour, once a week.

Black and Pre Professional - 1.5 hours, once a week.

Lorna Feijoo

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